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Why choose us? Simple. Finance Brokers can get cheaper rates than you applying direct

Only 30% of businesses that apply direct to a finance company get a yes.
With us, 84% do.
And our industry knowledge and connections mean we know when and where to get you the best deal.
Pay less. Get more. Call us today on 0800 612 5364.

Why Use Us

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Business Finance Solutions Provider

We provide business finance solutions. In the old days you went to the Bank, but Bank's are not really interested in businesses with a Turnover under £20-50m (depending on business sector). With over a 100 finance companies to choose from, we can take the client to the right one.

We know how a proposal should be packaged for that particular finance company. We can speak to a decision make and explain any past issues, that cause a problem in Underwriting at the last moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Finance take to come through?

Surprisingly fast for most types of loans.

Short term business loans from 3-12 months, we normally get approval within 2 to 24 hours and payment within a couple of days. Same day pay-outsalso happen.

Midterm loans 1 to 5 years we usually get an approval same day or within 3 days depending on the circumstances.

Secured loans, take about 24 hours, but that is subject to a Valuation and payment within a week of valuation.

Property development loans.

Are very easy for a specialist or full of stress and disappointment for others. I have been involved in business finance for most of my working life and I use a specialist, the problem with the one I use is it appears so easy and quick. It’s a bit like Roger Federer hitting a tennis ball it appears so easy until you try doing the same.

We have bad credit and can't get Finance, can you help ?

Severe adverse credit issues and you can't get the Business Finance you need?
In business, things do not always go smoothly; as Donald would say “Bad stuff happens”. If your business is looking for business finance and you need it now and have been turned down everywhere you have looked, there are two ways, where we can help.
Option 1.
Book debt Finance if you are owed money and it is collectable then we really can help.
5 Day turnarounds - £50k to £5m credit line available.
Non-home owners, Adverse Credit, previous failures and severe issues with previous invoice finance firms are not a problem if your invoices are collectable.
Option 2.
Secured business loans are readily available and funds made available within 24 hours of a charge been secured.
No proof of income required.
For full details please call Mark Smillie on 0800 612 5364.

How much paperwork do I have to do?

Nowadays, surprisingly little. For most types of finance, your last 3 months bank statements and last set of accounts is all that is necessary.

How much can I borrow?

There is a very rough rule of thumb guide, between 10 and 25% of your annual turnover, dependent on credit rating.

Is it possible to consolidate all my loans into 1 easy monthly repayment?
Absolutely, yes — discover how we can help you consolidate your business debt today.
My company has just been turned down for finance, how can you help?

One of the biggest finance companies said, 70% of businesses that apply direct are turned down whereas 70% that go through a broker are accepted.

If you have been turned down, don’t feel bad, you are in the majority. Finding business finance is not your day job, how can you possibly know which is the best finance company for your request?

How would you know what the underwriter is looking to see in the filling out of the application form?

Can I get finance without a Personal Guarantee?


Many types of finance are available, with your book debts taken as security.

Book debt finance has changed as much as the mobile phone.

You now can borrow on 1 invoice or a 100 it is your choice, you collect in the debt as normal, and can use this facility as little or as much as you wish to, there are no charges or commitments, just take finance when you want to.

We also have a finance company that will do a fixed term loan without a personal guarantee.

Why use a broker when I can go direct?

“70% of businesses that apply direct for finance are turned down”

Compare that to:

“70% that are put forward by brokers are accepted”

Finance Companies pay brokers to introduce suitable businesses to them. Brokers like me save them time and a considerable amount of money on employing manpower to process unsuitable applications. After all, why would a busy Company Director want to waste their time on fruitless applications?

The average broker acceptance rate is 70%, but a good broker’s will be even higher. Mine is 84% - let me leverage my experience into success for your business.

A finance broker should be able to take you to a finance company that is a good fit for you and your turnover, credit rating, industry sector and purpose of loan.

They will also to be able to help you present your case and explain any relevant issues that could cause the proposal to be turned down in the underwriting stage.

Would you like to get your Invoices Paid Faster?

Would you like to get your invoices paid faster?
Would you like to reduce the risk of bad debt?
Have instant finance available when you want it?

With no upfront fees, no monthly fees and no annual subscription.

Imagine if you could implement software into your accounting system, Quickbooks, Xero, Freeagent, Sage, etc.

Which could transform your cashflow

  • Reduce debtor days, improving your cashflow.
  • Reduce your chances of a bad debt as every debtor is risk assessed automatically
  • The entire debtor book has a simple colour coded bar, which shows the risk of your entire debtor book.
  • An instant finance facility is offered next to every outstanding invoice which you can use whenever you wish to (you still collect the debt as normal) there is no personal guarantee from the Director. The fee for this is only paid when the invoice is paid and is amongst the lowest across the industry.

The finance is provided without annual contracts or commitments from one of Europe’s biggest hedge funds

You can credit assess your prospective and existing customers for FREE! This is done automatically.

Minimum requirements for the on-demand invoice finance facility.
That your Limited Company has been trading for over 12 months and has a turnover in excess of £100K pa.

So what’s the catch?
There isn’t one.  This leading Fintech company offers no hidden fees and no contractual tie ins.  That’s no contract at all for you as the business owner – and no monthly or annual fees.

You simply pay a small percentage of the invoice you have drawn money down against.

Contact me today to find out just how easy and beneficial this business finance solution is.

Please call Mark Smillie on 0800 612 5364.

business finance solutions Mark

Mark Smillie

Mark prides himself that he has so much experience as a broker he can take all your details and needs and gets 80% of applications accepted. You don’t want to trawl through finance companies leaving footprints on your credit and affecting it trying everywhere and being turned down, you apply for ad after ad and they say yes in principle but then the underwriters turn you down. Don’t throw financial darts and miss your target, you need to know where to aim.

Call Mark Today On: 0800 612 5364

Why Our Clients Use Us

"Having used brokers before, I didn't expect Mark at Ringrose Business Finance to achieve a better interest rate than I could get from a bank directly. But he definitely delivered with a brilliant rate of 5.4% - I thought it would be 10%. And the loan was all sorted out within a week. Fantastic service - I'm glad I decided to give Mark a chance."  

Simon Jewell

Director, The Pilot Inn

UK Acoustic Systems Ltd are recognised as one of the leading providers of soundproofing and sound absorption solutions for the commercial, leisure, educational and residential sectors

I have used Mark Smillie for business finance for the last 3 years, he surrounds himself with a contact list of "Can Do People", apart from business finance I have found Mark a very good sounding board for various business matters. He is also a pleasure to deal with, I cannot recommend Mark highly enough.

Mark Wilkins

Uk Acoustics Systems Ltd

We are a market leader in CCTV and supply Worldwide, when we take on new work we always wish to have suitable finance in place. We have been receiving Mark's emails for some time, I rang him on a Tuesday. He said he would make this as painless as possible, we had an approval on Wednesday morning and funds in our account on the friday. My time is valuable to me and I like dealing with people who excel in giving their clients excellent service as we do.

Steve Baker

Genie CCTV Ltd.

"In my constant strive to make my restaurant the best it possible can be, I occasionally need business finance. Should your business need finance I can recommend Mark Smillie he knows how to get the job done."

Fernando Stovell

Stovell's the Waitrose Good Food Restaurant of the year for the South East, and with four AA rosettes.

My experience of Mark is getting to grips with a distressed situation, quickly and effectively ; and making common sense recommendations on how to take forward ( or sideways ; as the case may be )

Mike Stubbs

Partner at Mishcon de Reya

We are well established profitable boutique post production company in Soho, we applied to the Bank for a facility prior to speaking to Mark Smillie, with his assistance, we now have finance in place and still have not heard back from the Bank.
If you are looking for business finance without the hassle then give Mark a call.

David Tasker

Platform Post Production Ltd

We first spoke to Mark Smillie over a year ago with regard to Finance which he arranged quickly and easily for us. What impressed us again when we spoke to him about two weeks ago, was that like our Company philosophy he truly cares about delivering the best services possible, we wish him well and it is great dealing with people who genuinely care.

Andrew Kirkey

OSV Limited-Professionals in Vehicle Supply

We started three years ago and provide "Quality Plastering and Rending Services", our focus has been on quality and doing the best possible job. Our reputation for quality and finishing on time is now bringing in much larger contracts.
I approached a leading builder and devloper and he told me there was one person to go to for business finance.
I spoke with Mark Smillie on Tuesday morning, he told me about a new type of business finance. I applied on Wednesday evening, mark contacted the CEO of the finance company and we were given an excellent line of credit at a great interest rate on the Friday morning of the same week. I struggle to believe it was that quick and easy,
I can confirm Mark is the "Go to guy for business finance"

Aaron Fox

C&A Finishes Ltd

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