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Why you should borrow from your book debts

If there was ever a Golden Rule about borrowing money, it is to try and borrow with No Personal Guarantee or a Limited Guarantee. What’s this to do with borrowing from your book debts, you might ask? Well read on When I mention to someone why don’t you borrow from your book debts They recoil…

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This is an answer to Businesses three biggest problems Would you like to get your invoices paid faster? Would you like to reduce the risk of bad debt? Have instant finance available when you want it? With no upfront fees, no monthly fees and no annual subscription. Imagine if you could implement software into your…

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Business Finance for January 2018


Money Saving Tips: How to Save Your Business Money in the New Year I know the last thing you are thinking of doing now, is applying for Business Finance, you would be quite rightly thinking, let’s leave this until the end of January. Besides, you have so much work on your plate, plus business and…

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