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Finding the Right Business Finance

With over a 100 Finance Companies to choose from, it can be very difficult finding the right finance company, we know who to speak to and what their lending criteria is and believe me their lending profile can change from month to month. This is a recent case. A client came to us, after being…

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UK’s Solution To Business Finance

Hi, I truly hope I have not been boring you with this theme, but I just wanted to repeat this message, many businesses apply for business finance in the first quarter of the new year. There are 3 reasons, I believe you will find it cheaper and easier to get if you apply for finance…

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Before Applying for Business Finance – Please Read This

Before applying for Business Finance – please read this Using a finance broker can more than double your chances of a successful application. Make things easy for yourself, please do not leave your business finance to the last minute. Many Banks and Finance Companies have changed their lending policy recently. The threat of severe political…

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