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Construction Finance — Are You in Need of Business Finance But the Banks aren’t Interested?


Construction finance

Building your business with better finance

Construction finance isn’t easy to get. Most banks and finance companies simply don’t understand how construction works. They have no idea about retentions, JCT contracts or the time it takes to get paid by Councils or the Government.

Without this expert knowledge, there is little chance they will lend to you. So where can you turn?

To Ringrose Business Finance. Construction finance is our speciality.

We know where to go to get you the money you need often at 20 to 50% less than you would get by going direct to the wrong finance house.

Finance Companies are much busier than normal, which is making them more selective and more expensive.

To get the best rates with the minimum amount of hassle you really should use an experienced Construction Finance Broker.

These are 3 reasons why:

Reason 1)

In the last 8 weeks, we have noticed a bigger differential than normal, when businesses apply direct for finance (their finance quotes are much higher) and the rate we are getting for our clients is lower.

We think the reason for this is the Brexit issue and the Political uncertainty, Banks and Finance Companies like a stable economy and want to know what the next 12 months look like.

Let's face it, I don't think even Derren Brown or Dynamo know!

A business going direct for finance is a one-off client, whereas:

A good Finance Broker has a strong relationship with a finance company and finance companies wish that to continue, hence offer their clients the best rates that they can, think bulk discounts that you offer for large orders or purchases.

Reason 2)

The age-old law of supply and demand, when it's busy you can charge more and be more selective if you wish to be. Think how much more you pay at School holiday time for Airline flights, and how much cheaper they are in quiet times.

Well, how many Company Directors think of business finance now, they are too busy, hence finance companies are quiet.

Does this ring true to you?

Reason 3

This is the simple one, we do this every day and we know who is offering the best deal for your type of business, loan purpose, size of loan and business credit rating at this precise moment of time.

What's more, we will know better than you how to package the request in the way the Underwriting team will review it.

One small mistake on the application can be the difference between you paying 10.9% as opposed to 4.9% (yes, this does happen - recently a client rang us after receiving that offer).

We knew what the Underwriter wished to see and repackaged the loan application and saved the client 6%. This knowledge comes from experience, how can someone without experience know the lending requirements of every finance company?

Finance Brokers can get cheaper rates than if you apply direct

Whatever your credit rating, for loans from £20,000 to £4 million, short-, mid- or long-term, we can get you the finance you need. In some cases, you will not even need a personal guarantee.

We offer financing for:

  • Business Loans for any purpose £20,000 to £4 million, we have loans for all credit ratings
  • Refurbishments, refits, property development and building construction
  • Buying new equipment/assets, from a crane or a digger to a van or car
  • A tailor-made Invoice finance facility where the finance company knows and understands the Construction Industry and will fund uncertified applications.
  • We can arrange a business loan secured on your book debts with No Personal Guarantee, loans from £20k to £4m

Our success in this sector speaks for itself. A big lender informed us that only 30% of businesses that applied to them directly were accepted. Our success rate: over 80%.

How can we boast such success in securing construction finance?

Because we do this every day and have been for years.

We’ve built strong professional relationships with lenders in construction. They trust us not to waste their time. They want our clients and so offer better interest rates, saving you money.

We know which lenders to approach to up your chances of a ‘yes’ first time around, so you don’t get lumbered with a negative financial footprint following you around to every lender you approach.

In short, we know who to approach and how to package the loan to suit their underwriters.

To get your construction finance quickly and easily, call the experts, call Ringrose on 0800 612 5364.

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How to save your valuable time and money in getting Construction Sector Business Finance - watch our short video below

How to save your valuable time and money in getting Property Development and Building Finance - watch our short video below

We offer financing for:

  • Business loans, from £20k to £4m all credit ratings

  • New short term loans that are cheaper and more flexible

  • Short, mid and long-term loans

  • Refurbishment, refits and extensions finance

  • “Low Start” options for buying your new equipment/assets, from a crane to a digger to a van/car.

  • We can offer several finance options that do not need a personal guarantee, please call 0800 612 5364 for further information

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Why Our Clients Use Us

“It’s great to work with a broker that has a construction sector specialism. Mark at Ringrose Business Finance is very knowledgeable, competent and personable. He talks a lot of sense.”

Paul Mathison, CEO, Create Group

“Mark Smillie is very good at what he does - you can’t fault his helpfulness and inside knowledge on finance companies. We would definitely go back to him again with any business finance requirements and do recommend him to other companies.”

Kevin Hanbury, MD, 3K’s Engineering

We started three years ago and provide "Quality Plastering and Rending Services", our focus has been on quality and doing the best possible job. Our reputation for quality and finishing on time is now bringing in much larger contracts.
I approached a leading builder and devloper and he told me there was one person to go to for business finance.
I spoke with Mark Smillie on Tuesday morning, he told me about a new type of business finance. I applied on Wednesday evening, mark contacted the CEO of the finance company and we were given an excellent line of credit at a great interest rate on the Friday morning of the same week. I struggle to believe it was that quick and easy,
I can confirm Mark is the "Go to guy for business finance"

Aaron Fox

C&A Finishes Ltd

“We highly recommend using Mark at Ringrose Business Finance. He and his specialist champion broker contacts are very good and well informed. It’s worth a call if you are looking for finance of any sort.”

Paul Bradley, Director

PB Battery Technical Services Ltd -

UK Acoustic Systems Ltd are recognised as one of the leading providers of soundproofing and sound absorption solutions for the commercial, leisure, educational and residential sectors

I have used Mark Smillie for business finance for the last 3 years, he surrounds himself with a contact list of "Can Do People", apart from business finance I have found Mark a very good sounding board for various business matters. He is also a pleasure to deal with, I cannot recommend Mark highly enough.

Mark Wilkins

Uk Acoustics Systems Ltd

We are a market leader in CCTV and supply Worldwide, when we take on new work we always wish to have suitable finance in place. We have been receiving Mark's emails for some time, I rang him on a Tuesday. He said he would make this as painless as possible, we had an approval on Wednesday morning and funds in our account on the friday. My time is valuable to me and I like dealing with people who excel in giving their clients excellent service as we do.

Steve Baker

Genie CCTV Ltd.

We are well established profitable boutique post production company in Soho, we applied to the Bank for a facility prior to speaking to Mark Smillie, with his assistance, we now have finance in place and still have not heard back from the Bank.
If you are looking for business finance without the hassle then give Mark a call.

David Tasker

Platform Post Production Ltd

We first spoke to Mark Smillie over a year ago with regard to Finance which he arranged quickly and easily for us. What impressed us again when we spoke to him about two weeks ago, was that like our Company philosophy he truly cares about delivering the best services possible, we wish him well and it is great dealing with people who genuinely care.

Andrew Kirkey

OSV Limited-Professionals in Vehicle Supply